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what is Buteyko?

Buteyko breathing therapy provides safe, effective and drug-free help for people with asthma and other breathing related conditions including sinusitis, emphysema, persistent cough and anxiety.

Buteyko is a breathing retraining programme which focuses on normalising your breathing pattern through a series of breathing exercises and techniques.

The techniques of Buteyko were developed in Russia in the 1970s where it is an accepted and known treatment. Buteyko breathing therapy is also well established in Australia and New Zealand and is gradually becoming more recognised and used here in the UK.

Most people will need to see a Buteyko breathing therapist for five weekly sessions with a follow-up appointment a few weeks later. For those with more chronic or long-term conditions, a longer course of treatment may be required.

Buteyko is suitable for both adults and children. Children often respond very quickly to breathing retraining as their breathing habit is less firmly established.